‘The shorter stem was definitely the right choice, now I can prepare for the World Championships pain free, thanks Phil.’

Anna Henderson

British Circuit Race Champion
Represented Britain at the World and European Championships

Bike Fitting Service

Want to ride pain-free?


Ride more efficiently?


For longer?

The most effective way to achieve all the above and more, is via our professional custom Bike Fit in Amersham.

Our Amersham bike fitting specialists use a proven hands-on Bike Fit system to determine the key measurements for your perfect bike set up and ride.
Our personalised bike fit not only increases your pedalling efficiency – improving your cycling performance – but minimises the risk of short and long-term injuries which can be costly to treat and take you off your bike indefinitely.

What You Say About Us
  • After Phil’s bike fit, the bike felt really good and I got a 110mm stem that he recommended. Thanks. I’ve already recommended him to two cyclist friends

    Dan Chesham
  • I’ve just completed my two-hour ride with six long hill reps as I’ve been doing for the past six weeks and I am thrilled with my new bike fit. I’m definitely faster, I think it could be worth 1km/hour!

    Helen Hinde British Duathlon Rider
  • Hi Phil you did a bike fit for me on my S-Works bike last week and I just wanted to let you know that I had 2 good rides at the weekend. Everything was good on both rides and was able to put more power down through the pedals and keeping my arms bent. Thanks for all your help and will be in touch for a leg massage soon. Many thanks

    Tim Osborne
  • Hi Phil. Hope tour de Yorkshire was good. Pretty warm weekend for it! Just saying thanks for the bike fit. Whilst I'm no rocket up the hills, I have felt much more comfortable on the bike and getting more power down. This time next year...

  • At first my knee caps took suffering but somehow after the 3rd practice day the pain was gone. All in all I can finally spend long days on the saddle hitting my top avrg speeds with almost no chaffing or aches. Keep up the good work and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the work done.

    Andrew Roser
Take Note

Before you leave this site to book somewhere else be prepared to ask the potential bikefitter the following questions.

“Do you know where the P.S.I.S. is on the body and its relevance to bikefitting “

“Do you know the names and attachment points of the hamstring muscles and their relevance to bikefitting”

All the computer generated imagery is useless if the fitter has no working knowledge of anatomy and how a body works on a bike.


Full Bike Fit Service – £100.00

Book your custom BIKE FIT

Unlike other bike fitters, our lead technician is also a highly-trained massage and Soft Tissue Therapist (Sports and Remedial Massage). This knowledge of anatomy and key muscle actions means you get the very best Bike Fit, training and injury advice.

Our bike fit analysis is suitable for all levels, from professional competitive cyclists and advanced club members, to commuters and fair-weather cyclists.

About Amersham Bike Fit

I’m Phil Holloway, owner and founder of Amersham Bike Fit.

I’ve been passionate about cycling since a child and took part in my first road race when I was 12-years-old. At 16-years-old I won the Essex Road Race Championships before going on to represent Essex and the East of England as a Junior.

I’ve ridden all disciplines, from cyclo-cross to banked tracks, and achieved a first category road race licence in my thirties. As well as taking part in 200-km endurance events, I’ve completed two 25-mile TTs in 55-minutes and a 10-mile in 21-minutes. I’m proud to say I’ve even raced against Sir Bradley Wiggins a couple of times, once as a Junior and once when he’d just come back from riding the Giro d’Italia.

Currently I am working for the New Zealand cycling team, when competing in Europe World Cups and Championships.


Why do you need to know this?

As someone who cycles regularly, I’ve had my fair share of aches and pain, including relentless, niggling knee pain. I carried out a few bike fit changes myself but still the knee pain persisted, eventually leading me to another professional Bike fit.

My ‘Eureka’ moment came when I discovered the Bike Fit system. One two-hour session and my knee pain vanished. Not only that, cycling was a substantially smoother, more comfortable experience.


Amersham Bike Fit – Where to find us

Our Amersham bike fitting service is located a short cycle (approximately five-minutes) from Amersham Tube station on the Metropolitan line.

As one of the best bike fitting service providers in Buckinghamshire, we attract cyclists from nearby Chesham, Chalfont and Latimer, Chorleywood, Beaconsfield, Rickmansworth and Watford, as far afield as Harrow, Brent and other North West London areas.

We offer free parking and wi-fi.

To book your Bike Fit appointment or find out more, contact us today.

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