Amersham Bike Fit FAQs

Why have a Bike Fit?

Every cyclist, from beginners to road cyclists to mountain bikers, would benefit from a professional, custom Bike Fit.

A proper Bike Fit delivers a range of powerful performance and health benefits. As well as making your ride a great deal more comfortable, ensuring the correct bike set-up prevents jarring of your joints and muscles which can lead to injury. It also ensures the bike is aligned to your body measurements, shape and flexibility, boosting your pedalling efficiency and allowing you to push power to where it’s needed most. Furthermore, as your body no longer needs to expend energy adjusting and compensating for an improper fit, you can ride for longer without feeling fatigued.

Will a Bike Fit make me go faster?

If you can ride for longer, more economically, in comfort, these marginal gains can only help enhance your performance.

Following a Bike Fit many of our clients report positive changes, from bettering their top speed, to enjoying a smoother, more streamlined ride.

What type of pedals and cleats can you Bike Fit?

We set-up a vast range of clipless pedals and cleats, including any 2/3/4-hole cleat system, Look, Time, Speedplay, Shimano, Campagnolo, SPD, plus many more.

What do I need to bring?

It’s important to bring the cycling shoes and cycling shorts you usually wear. It’s also best to wear a short sleeve top as our technician will need to see your posture and position on the bike.

How long will the Bike Fit take?

We suggest allowing up to three hours. In some cases, it may be much quicker but it’s advisable to block out three. A Bike Fit takes time because, as well as implementing and testing the effectiveness of any changes, we need to find out about your cycling routine, your anatomy and any injuries or discomfort you have. This helps us to understand your unique bio-mechanics and pinpoint where changes to your bike set-up will have the most impact.

Do I get a copy of the measurements?

We give you a full list of your bike measurements before and after the Bike Fit. We also keep a record of the changes to refer to, if you need further adjustments or change bike.

What are your qualifications?

I’m Phil Holloway, owner of Amersham Bike Fit. As well as certified in the Professional Bike Fit System, I’m a fully trained Soft Tissue Massage Therapist (Sports and Remedial Massage). My insight into manipulation and rehabilitation of the body’s soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons) helps inform my role as a Bike Fit System technician. I can identify where your muscles are being overused and advise on how to prevent further strain. If you’d like to know more, visit Amersham Sports Massage.

Do you fit on a jig or on my bike ?

Always on the bike you intend to ride away on, trying to transfer measurements from a bike fitting jig to a real bike does not work well.

Can I bring two bikes for you to fit ?

Yes certainly, I offer 50% discount on the second bike.

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