Amersham Bike Fit System

Amersham Bike Fit – The Complete Bike Fit System

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a serious racer, club cyclist or newbie, a professional bike fit can transform the way you ride.

Our hands-on, personalised bike fit system ensures you achieve the perfect fit and feel, reducing the risk of overuse injuries, increasing comfort and maximising cycling performance.

For beginners, this means you can adapt and enjoy cycling much quicker, for professional and competitive cyclists this means you can switch it up a gear and take your riding to the next level.

First up, we’ll ask some questions about you – your lifestyle, your cycling, any injuries or discomfort you feel (on and off the bike) and your cycling goals.

We’ll also carry out body measurements and other assessments to understand your body’s framework.

Setting Your Shoe and Cleat Position

The bike fit starts by concentrating on your foot-pedal interface and the multiple ways the cleat aligns to the sole of your cycling shoe.

Ensuring your cleats are positioned correctly is critical for comfort – otherwise you risk forcing your feet and lower legs out of alignment causing knee pain.

We also examine how your knees track over the pedals. It may only need a few minor adjustments to get where your foot meets the pedal perfect but getting this position spot-on can significantly enhance your ride and how much power you generate.

Finding Your Optimal Saddle Height and Position

Finding your ideal saddle height and position is important for cycling as efficiently (and therefore, as fast) as possible. If your saddle is fixed too low or too high, it also means you’re more susceptible to knee pain and injury.

We align the saddle height and position to suit your individual physical needs, ensuring that your body weight is evenly distributed and posture is maintained in the correct position. This helps to increase your pedalling efficiency and reduce the amount of energy you expend, in tum boosting your endurance level, so ultimately you can ride for longer with ease.

Adjusting Handlebar Height and Reach

Another key aspect of our bike fit system is finding your correct handlebar height and reach.

Posture problems, for example, overreaching – stretching too far from the saddle to the bars – can cause a range of problems, from shoulder and lower back pain through to putting too much pressure on your hands causing numbness.

We adjust the length of the stem and handlebar reach to reflect your body type, leg and arm length and back flexibility, which can vary greatly depending on your profession (office-based or physical) and activities you enjoy.

Maximum Performance, Maximum Fun

Finding your optimum handlebar, saddle and cleat position can have an enormous impact on your overall riding performance and cycling enjoyment.

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